Songs for Children and Their Families

TENDER BRANCHES: Kim & Honey Hutchcroft present their music and message in a way that is fun, educational and inspirational.  They have performed at many festivals all over the world including “Cornerstone Festival” in Illinois and “Spring Harvest” in England, and have played at hundreds of schools and churches.  Their live performances have lots of audience participation and Honeys lyrics encourage children to be the best they can be and to lift the Lord “Higher and Higher.” Tender Branches has a heart for children, but not only for children they have a heart for families, too.


TENDER BRANCHES CD’s are all original songs, written and sung by Honey, arranged and recorded by Kim.  Their daughters, Harmony, Heather and Hana are featured as well.  You and your children will be singing and clapping along, with smiles on your faces, and your hearts touched by the sincere messages as well.